Who's Coming

Hash Name Home Hash Comments
1 WhiteShoes OCH4
2 Ginger Snatch San Diego
3 Penis Machinist North County
4 Fond of Dudes Los Angeles H3/One Night Stand H3 Fuck yeah!!!
5 Cheek-a-Boo OCHHH On On
6 Ska-Skank Redemption San Francisco H3
7 Cums Sporadically SLOH3
8 Goes Down Easy SDH3 On On
9 Cactus Interruptis Mission Harriettes
10 Maui Waui San Diego H3
11 Last Train to Cuntsville Long Beach Do Harriets not drugs
12 Butt Balls Monterey Bay
13 Lil Anal Annie Monterey Bay
14 dBASED Surf City H3
15 Occasional Rapist Surf City H3
16 DogBreath MOFO H3
17 Damian the AntiChrist El Lay
18 Pot Ho El Lay
19 Riff Raff LAH3 / LBH3
20 Fingernips Surf City
21 Cowlick SFH3
22 Shaft SFH3
23 Ms Ed Minneapolis H3
24 Mr Ed Minneapolis H3
25 Eager Beaver Viva Las Vegas
26 See More Buns Los Angeles
27 V8 Los Angeles
28 Stop the Bus and Let My Friend Jack Off San Diego H3
29 ArgenTuna San Diego H3
30 In Cum Snatch Humpin' H3 on-on!
31 Fat Basque Turd La Jolla H3
32 Thmp-Thmp Surf City H3
33 Princess Diarrhea Surf City H3
34 Baker's Dozen't SCH3
35 Mistress twat North County San Diego
36 Mojo North County San Diego
37 32 Ring Circus North County H3 San Diego
38 La Bufadora SDH3
39 Puff the Magic Drag Queen Surf City H3
40 Ganjaman Ventura County H3 On on
41 Dr. Hole Carson City, NV
42 QC Carson City, NVROADS
43 I Dream of Weenie OCHHH I've been hashing for 19 years and this will be my 1st NSI!!!! On On!
44 Hugh Heiffer Surf City
45 Nibbles n Pricks SDH3
46 Throws Up Stays Up SDH3
47 Shane in the Ass SDH3
48 Bedpost SDH3
49 Chainlinkpink H3SOB
50 Just Jim H3SOB
51 Goes Down Easy Gypsies H3
52 Long n Hard H3SOB
53 Zippercised San Francisco H3 (。 ㅅ 。)
54 T-Ball San Francisco H3 I don't like commenting publicly
55 Amy McMarathon OCHHH
57 Last Train to Cuntsville Long Beach Do Harriets not drugs
58 Bite The Tip OCHHH I <3 Paso Robles!
59 Bareback Unicrack Surf City Hash House Harriers -Santa Cruz On On!!!!
60 Red Hot Vagina SFH3
61 The Perfect Woman San Francisco H3
62 Yoko Anal Long Beach
63 Bi Cunninglingual Long Beach
64 Uncle Bad Touch DC Road Whores H3 RU?!
65 Deadliest Snatch Surf City H3
66 Rat Pussy Surf City H3
67 Spermicidal Twattage H3SoB
68 Tit Mitt LBH3
69 Tissue Tits LAH3
70 Mary Tyler Whore San Francisco H3 Wine, Bitches!!!
71 ShortCake Little Rock H3
72 DNR Little Rock H3
73 Asian Orange OCHHH
74 Stiff Joint OCHHH
75 Saralegal LAH3
76 Amephystme Rock-ho LAH3
77 Hawking Up Pigeon Shit North County
79 Cumsessiom H3SoB
80 no name silicone hash valleye
81 Max Lode H3SoB I'm Cumming!
82 Mongo Gully LBH3 I am cumming to Max!
83 Doggie Style LBH3
84 High Twattage North County Hash House Harriers
85 Aughghgh California Larrikins H3
86 Quack Off Silicone Valley I don't know what this is
87 Repowoman Orange County
88 N/A Orange County
89 Can't Touch This Orange County
90 Suck It Dry L.A.
91 BlowHo H3SoB
92 Caboose Orange County Need Info.
93 Choo Choo orange County
94 Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii Long Beach Hash House Harriers
95 DeWalt Dildo LBH3/OCH4 ( o ) ( o )
96 Tinkerbelch Half-Assed
97 Shocka by Proxy Half-Assed
98 Ghettoman Charm City H3
99 Captain Jerk HUMPIN! HUMPIN! Has anybody seen my pants?
100 Perfect 10 LBCH3 I love wine. And Beer. And running. And all you crazy hashers. That is all.
103 Potty Hottie Lost Boobs Hash House Harriers
104 Floater Svh3
105 Re-Peter Long Beach H3
106 Nurse Me Long Beach H3
107 Sad Bastard Humpin H3
108 Red Box East Los H3
109 Incocknito H3SOB
110 Chowder Shower Central Coast Pirates
111 Jack the Ripper San Francisco
112 just Jo East Bay Hash
113 Stickless SVH3
114 Shit Faced SVH3
115 Laid off Svhhh
116 VeeDee Svhhh
117 Sir Lance a Nut Long Beach I like eggs
118 Venus de Penis Long Beach I like his eggs
119 Gotta Eat Dick Okinawa H3 Currently Transplanted in Las Vegas
120 Fuck My Ass Okinawa H3 Currently Transplanted in Las Vegas
121 Razberry Honut Okinawa H3
122 4321 Oh Yeah Okinawa H3
123 Woof Means NO! Stumptown H3 Portland, Oregon
124 Magnum Be Gone White House H3
125 Terminator Svh3
126 Drinks like a bitch Svh3
127 Cock Rider DenverH3
128 Psycho Bitch LAH3
129 Don't Ask Don't Spoon California Larrikins
130 Whaleboner Orange County Hash House Harriers Socal Rules
131 Nanny Pokely Las Vegas Hash House Harriers (Vivaaa Las Vegas)!
132 SOG Motown/Ann Arbor I will need a ride back to OC or LA on Sunday.
133 Cockagami San Francisco H3 LETS GET TURKEY DRUNK
134 My Uncle's Girlfriend San Francisco H3 I'm Here for the Gangbang
135 Rhythm Method SFH3 In college we called it a"Ho-down in SLO-town"!
136 wicked retharded sch3 on on wankers!!!
137 Summers Yeast Santa cruz
138 Stub Rub Santa cruz